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MityLite, Inc. is an American manufacturer of tables, chairs, portable dance floors, staging, and partitions.

A former employee mentioned, "I worked at Mity Lite in IT and Finance. Working in IT was great until the IT Director left. I moved to Finance and it was okay until I was put under the Factory Controller. He was difficult to work for and would not listen to suggestions. Plus, he made a lot of mistakes and would not accept responsibility for them. The CFO would not listen to any negative comments about him."


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Former Employee - Finance says

"Mr. "Honest Review" is in upper management, and gave a positive review to kiss up to the CEO. He had a personal vendetta against the "poor performer" he was speaking of, who he personally did everything in his power to get rid of. I wouldn't be too comfortable in my job if I were Mr. "Honest Review", as Mity Lite continues to show they have zero loyalty to anyone. They recently laid off many great employees with many years of service, (some 20 plus years), and are keeping much less experienced employees because they only have to pay them a fraction of what the experienced employees were making."

Current Employee - Anonymous says

"Where do I begin? The CEO is a nightmare. Bad temper. Brow beats his staff in front of a room of people. Cuts people off in the middle of sentences (like every meeting). Chews people out without getting all the facts (or any facts). Everyone despises him but he is too delusional to know this. He's falsely nice to a few select people, most likely because SOMEONE has to like him and his overgrown ego can't take universal hate. But those who aren't on that very small list see the truly toxic and abusive personality that he is. His decisions are idiotic and are only for his short term personal gain rather than what is best for the company. He gets rid of the competent people and replaces them with brown nosing inexperienced incompetent people who have no idea how to run a department yet are given unreasonable power in his decisions. I could go on and on and on about how bad the working conditions are here. Don't let the other reviews fool you. This place is a disaster and will put you through terrible stressful anxiety."

Former Employee - Manufacturing Technician says

"Bad wages, doesn't value their employees, no support from management, a lot of broken promises from management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Toxic culture from the top-down; lots of infighting between departments and blaming; company isn't forthcoming about cashflow and budgets and often employs bait-and-switch tactics when hiring. A lot of people are upset and leaving. The company tries to keep these departures quiet and fudges the truth about them. To make matters worse, the company is barely backfilling any positions that they’re losing, piling more and more work on fewer people; and the people they do manage to get often turnover quickly. And it certainly doesn’t help that the leadership of the company treats most people like they’re expendable. Many people still at the company don't actually want to be there, are often unhappy, which only serves to percolate more toxicity through the organization. Most of the problems stem from the very top. The CEO micromanages the company to death and is strangulating whatever bits of positive culture remain with an authoritarian vice-grip. Some high ups are only there because of nepotism. These hires have no accountability and use coercion to get their way throughout the organization, even in areas they have no business getting into. Hiring their kin is, by itself, a complicated ethical problem, but they take it to the worst possible extreme by enabling them and giving them whatever they want. Together the two of them stifle innovation in every department with their egos and aggressive tactics. Several employees often act as spies for the CEO, poking their noses around other departments and reporting back arbitrary observations. A few of the people in the highest levels of the organization are sycophants who have raised to that level only because they always agree with whatever the CEO says and further enable him to micromanage everything else. There is no room for dissent or innovation here anymore. With an increasingly tightening budget, rather than turn in the executive cars that the company pays for or turning down the costly travel dinners and perks those at the top enjoy, they took coffee out of the break rooms and reduced the few perks the factory workers had. Years ago the company was a decent place to work, but things have just been getting progressively worse. The truth is that the leaders of this organization know its on a bad course, but don't have the vision or skills to fix it. They don't want to lose their jobs though, so they'll blame everything and everyone else. The company is rotting from the inside."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible culture that is created and perpetuated by the top leadership of the company. The company is micromanaged, and toxic policies are reinforced by yes men. Confusing and sometimes contradictory strategies and directives lead to infighting and pointed fingers between departments. Nepotism has led to employees feeling unable to speak freely, stifling collaboration and innovation. Employees are not given the basic tools or resources needed to be successful. Department budgets feel like a shell game where you are stuck wondering what budget you will get for the week or month. New ideas are written off as not what's been done before or too expensive, so results continue to stagnate. Processes for product design and product management, and business decisions like acquisitions made at the executive level, are not communicated well. This throws sales, product, and marketing for a loop, and leaves people in a permanent state of chaos and confusion, which makes everyone less productive. Benefits are only so-so. The insurance is good, and there is a small 401k match. PTO for newer employees is poor (2 weeks), especially because that covers vacation and sick leave. Office hours are a rigid 8-5, and you are expected to use PTO for anything during that time period instead of being able to come in early or stay late to make up the time."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Used to have great perks( safety lunches, pay raises and bonuses). They did away with most of them after the first of the year due to budget problems. Unless you are Hispanic or Polynesian you won't fit in. You won't get any job promotion unless you have family that are managers. Save yourself some headache and stress, don't waste your time here they will be shutting down within a year."


"Management is very draconian. My boss took away most of my team the minute I started because I was not the candidate he wanted. He told me not to talk w his boss or HR."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"leadership is not that good"

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"I worked here for 4 years and it used to be great. Now it is owned by an investment group in NY and they are sucking the company dry. Sales and profits are down, layoffs, and no bonus or raise for two years. Stay away, depressing place to work now!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No one has a clue. Sales are failing, new leader is just as incompetent as the last guy. Just not as big of a jerk but definitely the smartest man on the planet in his mind. There is a temporary high with the new President, but this will all go away when everyone realizes that he isn't the savior, just a master of talk and politics. This place is siloed, political, and just failing everywhere. The board of directors are clueless as to how to give guidance. I predict within the next 2 years the current owners will cut their losses and sell, unless they get someone in here that has a clue about how to run a business."

IT analyst and Finance accountant (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Mity Lite in IT and Finance. Working in IT was great until the IT Director left. I moved to Finance and it was okay until I was put under the Factory Controller. He was difficult to work for and would not listen to suggestions. plus, he made a lot of mistakes and would not accept responsibility for them. The CFO would not listen to any negative comments about him."

Sales and marketing (Former Employee) says

"I worked there 6 years in sales and marketing and they had unreal expectations and micromanaged everyone except their favorites. It was also very difficult to get help from other departments, especially accounts payable. The CFO seems to think they can pay every vendor slowly. And, that made it difficult when they pay the vendors very slowly so it is tough to get the things manufacturing needs. I would not recommend anyone to work there unless you are desperate. Also, their two programs and IT are very poor to work with."

Assembly (Former Employee) says

"Not a company I would recommend very poor moral not a positive environment. H.R. was very rude to me and not helpful or friendly. They don't treat employees with enough respect."

Machine Operator, Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Not somewhere you can move up, most people have been in the same position for 20+ years. Management is horrible, you are just a number here. Not competitive with other companies in wages."

Powder Coating Technician Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"I would not return there or recommend it to anyone. There were a lot of contradicting demands from the managers and it seemed like they would set you up to fail. They did not like it if someone had an opinion on a process either."

Executive Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good luck. Great sales reps. but awful Management. Too much changeover and sales are dipping fast. They are cutting cost and employees are firsts. WtfGreat sales friendsManagement is awful. A Massage therapist, no degree, is VP of Sales"

Buyer / Planner (Current Employee) says

"Ok place to work, but the benefits could be better. Seems to have mediocre employee morale. Communication from upper management doesn't seem to filter to all the employeesno 401k employer match"

Quality Controller (Current Employee) says

"wake up early in the morning work. 10 hours a day for 4 days. insurance and benefits available if you make the cut. otherwise your going back to temp agency work your butt of for $9four- ten hour days. like thatpay is low, so low you can touch the floor"

Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Manufacturing Engineering Manager is a micro manager and has worked for this company his whole career. He does not like others input and is very demeaning to people and acts like everyone does not measure up to his knowledge. He is very knowledgeable but not a good manager at all. He talks a lot about nothing and can slow your work."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"not a bad company when your starting out in the workforce. its hard to get higher in the company and could take a while and a bit of work to get the higher positions.coworkersshort breaks"

Maintenance Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"I worked with a team of good mechanics, with the exception of one crusty old man. No matter what, he'd find problems with what I did during my shift, take pictures and forward them to whomever he could think of. Manager was pretty good to work for. Production employees were pretty easy to get along with. Quarterly bonus was nice too.Bonus and payCo-worker, crusty old man with no life outside of work."

Framer (Former Employee) says

"No radio no fun. loud machinery. If it gets redundant they put you somewhere else.busybusy"

CNC operator/Robot welder (Former Employee) says

"its a decent company to work for, it is kind of messy and could use more 5 star cleaning methods.they treat you good and you get fridays offits messy, oil everywhere."